Stepping into Summer - The Shoe Edition

What's up Hump day, how did this day treat you? My day was good, tiresome, but beneficial. Side note: take some time out of your busy schedule to conduct self help exercises. Two exercises which opened my eyes were 1. fearless feedback and 2. The difference between Empathy and Sympathy. Watch the this video on YouTube - Brene Brown on Empathy and relate it to your work and home relationships. (See video below).

Back to the topic at hand, summer is approaching, although it feels like it has already arrived; you can't leave the house without shoes. Pretty, comfortable, on trend shoes at that. Summer is the time for loud colors, strapping heels, wedges, sandals galore, gladiators, slides, mules, Birkenstocks and most of all toes, toes, toes. Rather at the office, running errands, traveling, or anything in between the perfect shoe can be the perfect additive to your already amazing outfit. Not only is this the season where your shoes can match your outfit, yet be a great compliment to that happy hour pina colada or margarita, which will have you on your feet all night long. (Inserts a Lionel Richie lyric HERE) Dance in style ladies!

"Life is good, wild and sweet "

Ladies, let us dance into summer in style with the latest trends - slide sandals, mules, slingbacks, combat sandal, classic clog, floral flats, sneakers etc. Tis the season of fun, flirty, sexy, comfortable, convenient, classic, elegant, sleek, simplistic footwear. Let it all hang it out, I am referring to your toes. Be free and enjoy the summer, but in style with chic shoes. In today's read, find the best summer shoes you can't resist. I know I can't!

Take away message: shoes are the easiest was to express your sense of style. Dare to be different!

Thanks Pinterest for the awesome images, always!

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Until next time...


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