When Target Brands Stole my Heart and Emptied my Pockets - "A Shoppers Experience"

Who can spend all day in Target? If you raised your hand, we have more in common than I thought. Not only is Target the one stop shop for groceries, home goods, technology, stationary (let's not forget the Dollar Spot), books, but the clothing is super affordable, totally on trend and very stylish. About a week and half-a-go I set off to Target, which is a regular thing for me, to complete an assignment of picking several pieces of clothing, tried on multiple sizes to figure out which size fit best in each brand. Don't get me wrong working at a designer store makes my love for high quality clothes grow immensely, but I am all about style and inexpensive prices, and Target is just the place for that. As I was set off to complete my assignment, the idea was to solely try on the clothes, but not purchase anything, well needless to say Target 1, Brittany 0. Not only did I figure out what sizes best fit me in the four brands tried, but I fell in love with the brands quality, fit, comfortability, and look - more so, I broke the bank that day and left a very satisfied, yet a emptied pocket shopper. In today's read I will provide the items tried on from four brands - A New Day, Mossimo, Universal Thread, and Who What Wear, descriptions, price, colors, and sizes tried on the day originally set off for research turned a day of shopping and buying ("Women Be Shopping" LOL). Doesn't this just mean the research was a success?

My shopping research started off between 13-20 garments, keep in mind Target only lets you take back 6 at a time, so a girl was going back quite often to the buggy, and I had to put back on my clothes every single time, not recommended, but totally doable. I could have picked way more, but I had other errands to run that day, therefore, we had to keep it brief. I simply picked out pieces which stood out to me which I wanted to try on, picked between 1-3 sizes of each garment and took them all to the dressing room. The process was garment after garment analyzing the feel, look, and how comfortable each item was. After I tried on each piece, I wrote down a description of each, followed by the size tried on and which one worked. Lastly, I kept the ones I liked in the basket and put the others back. It was checkout time.

Lets see what I took in the fitting room...

Women's Belted Paper-bag Skirt - Who What Wear | Price: $27.99 | Color: Black Print | Tried on: XS,S | Size Fit: XS

Women's Zipper Front Skirt - Who What Wear | Price: $29.99 | Color: Pink | Tried On: 2,4,6 | Sized Fit: 4

Women's Asymmetric Ruffle Dress - Who What Wear | Price: $32.99 | Color: Rose Print | Tried On: XS, S, M | Size Fit: XS

Women's Easy Waist Boiler Suit - Mossimo | Price: $32.99 | Color: Magenta | Tried On: XS, S, M | Size Fit: S

Women's Polka Dot Sleeveless Ruffle Skirt Dress - A New Day | Price: $27.99 | Color: Black | Tried On: XS, S | Size Fit: S

Women's Organza Volume Sleeve Blouse - A New Day | Price: $24.99 | Color: Lavender | Tried On: S,M | Size Fit: S

Women's Relaxed Suit Pants - A New Day | Price: $24.99 | Color: Pink | Tried On: XS,S | Size Fit: S

Women's Relaxed Blazer - A New Day | Price: $34.99 | Color: Pink | Tried On: L | Need Size: S,M

Women's Polka Dot Pleated MidiSkirt - A New Day | Price: $27.99 | Color: Polka Dot | Tried On: XS,S | Size Fit: XS

Women's High-Rise Destructed Hem Skinny Crop Jeans - Universal Thread | Price: $24.99 | Color: Gray Wash | Tried On: 6,8 | Size Fit: 6

Women's Denim Midi-Skirt - Universal Thread | Price: $22.99 | Color: Medium Wash | Tried On: 2,4 | Fit Size: 2

Women's Bottom Front Apron Denim Dress - Universal Thread | Price: $27.99 | Color: Dark Wash | Tried On: 4,10 | Fit Size: 4

Women's High-Rise Straight Jeans - Universal Thread | Price: $27.99 | Color: Medium Wash | Tried On: 6,8 | Fit Size: 6

Take Away Message: Most Garments look better once you try them on, but that is not always the case, sometimes, garments when tried on, look a mess. Trying on multiple items of the same garment allows you to look at yourself in tighter and more loose clothing, this way you can depict what type of look you're going for, boyish or elegant. Trying on new clothes does something to you, so try them on! Lastly, give brands that you've never heard of a try just to see what you like and don't.

Thanks Target.com for the awesome images - you can find all these items on the site right now by copying and pasting the description in google.

Happy Shopping!!!

I'll let you in on a little secret - not all Targets have the same inventory but online does.

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Until next time...


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