Monochromatic Vibes - Someone say Boring??

Hello Trend(er)s, do you have one color which you love? Or a signature color which looks great on you, so you repeat it often? Even getting it out of the dirty clothes hamper (I see you LOL). Do you ever mix and match the same color, but in a different shade, well if you have you have experienced the style - Monochromatism. I love wearing an outfit mixing a color scheme derived from a single base hue, extended using it shades, tints, and tones. I particularly love to wear softer colors such as mustard yellow, olive green, blush pink, burgundy, etc. and mix them with the brighter color, yellow, green, red, pink, and every tone in between. My favorite monochromatic look, which I've worn many times in several different ways is Red on Red (Red head to toe). Red is a color which I believe gives everyone a bit of edge, yet sophisticated with a hint of sex appeal. Playing around with the monochromatic look, ignites the red on red look, to another level. In today's read, discover all colors of the rainbow, rocking the monochromatic look for spring. This style of dress allows you to mix and match new trendy contemporary pieces with old vintage, timeless pieces, making for a cost-effective outfit. If you are looking for an outfit which adds depth and dimension, wearing multiple layers in the same color palatte, does just that, which also, highlights and downplays those parts of your body which you love, to those which you do not. I know what you're thinking, not your style, well any style which allows you to look slender and sophisticated, is an awesome style if you ask me! I know, speaking your language, give it a try, but make sure to wear a darker shade bottom, working your way up to a lighter shade variation in the same color hue, bringing more attention to your lovely face! Take it from me you won't regret it!

Wearing one color is no longer BORING...may you wear it well my friend!

Take Away Message: "We are more alike, than we are unalike" - Maya Angelou

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