I Sat-in a Coffee Shop...

So the day I sat-in a coffee shop I feel in love with Satin, often interchangeable with silk, with its soft, smooth, elegant, glossy, yet dull look. Seating from a far, I realized it has a graceful way in how it lays, as it floats across the skin and flows with you as you walk. Its luxurious, expensive, modern and sexy appeal has the world going satin crazy, as lately, it is the fabric of choice. If you want to look heavenly, feel like a goddess, and resemble royalty, satin is for you! Satin can be worn year around in several different climates. This fabric can be worn intimately, keep in mind as Valentine's Day is approaching, night on the town, casually, dinner party, on the red carpet, and even at the office. It was definitely a trend in 2017, and surely one in 2018, worn by several celebrities on the red carpet. Today's read will provide you images of satin looks in various different ways. Let me know which one you would wear most often. Next time you're out shopping, find a satin item to wear to your next event; I promise you wont be dissatisfied. Have you ever put satin pants on over freshly shaved legs, I tell you this, it is a feeling you will not forget!

Take Away Message: Think about the last time you sat-in a coffee shop, what do you remember?

Thank you Pinterest for the awesome images as always!

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Until Next time lovely people...


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