Don't Forget your Jacket

So it's Hump Day, the middle of the week, closer to the last day, and as the days and nights grow colder, you cannot forget a jacket of some sort. Depending on what part of the world you live in, the weather may call for a jacket, a coat, or even both. A good way to incorporate both in a stylish way is by wearing the coat on your shoulders, over the jacket, to embellish the look. As we approach the coldest months, you cannot go wrong with either a jacket or a coat. I live for both, but a jacket, rather heavy or light goes a long way, but if it's below freezing, you better have on more than just a jacket. A jacket, rather leather, velvet, fur, denim, cashmere, etc., will take a simplistic look and jazz it up (as I writing this I am listening to jazz music LOL). Also, make sure to play around with colors; if you love leather, have a blush, black, red, olive jacket; and even if you desire print or pattern, have the same style coat in a leopard, zebra, and sequin jacket.

If you're looking to purchase a cute jacket, try Forever 21, Asos, Target, Zara, Ralph Lauren, Saks Off Fifth, and Saks Fifth Avenue. These stores mentioned will have all the jackets displayed in today's read, from leather, fur, denim, velvet, bomber, suede, puffer, etc. What ever you're in the mood to wear that day, a jacket can match, and to your advantage, it just might be the signature of the outfit. If nothing else, get you four really good quality, dependable, warm, and snazzy jackets. My four go-to's in the closet are: 1. Black Ralph Lauren Biker Jacket, 2. Olive Green with Gold/Pearl Embellishment Utility Jacket, 3. Yellow BCBG Puffer Jacket, and 4. Denim Ripped Bomber Jacket. Let me know what are your have to wear jackets this season. I can't wait to read which jackets you love, gotta have, and/or wear faithfully.

Fall/Winter is jacket why not be stylish.

Take Away Message: Next time you're out and about, please do not forget your jacket. PLEASE!!!!

Thanks Pinterest for the awesome images, as always, much appreciated!

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