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Hello Dapper Tuesday! If you follow me on Instagram, you know I post a hashtag every Tuesday (#issatrendtuesday) on my timeline. Here is where I post the trend of the week. I post anything from boots, colors, fabrics, coats, leather, designers, etc. I want to give the people a dab of spice, which will be that extra kick to get through the rest of the work week. By the way, if you do not follow me on IG, follow me now at (callherBB).

Anyways, that was a bit of a side note, but I brought that to your attention as I have mention some type of suit on my timeline before, because I just adore them! I LIVE for anything timeless, and a Pant Suit, is just that! The pant suit is also effortless; it doesn't take much to bring this outfit to life. They come in various colors such a olive green, navy blue, blush, pink, orange, just to name a few for the fall/winter seasons, as well as they display numerous variations, such as as plaid, velvet, leather, cashmere, silk, etc. I am a sucker for all of them! Right now, in my closet, you will find a velvet suit, metallic silver, navy blue, checkered, red, and a black suit to name a few. Also, with suits you do not have to purchase the jacket and pant together, you can mix and match just as long as they fall within the same color scheme or complement each other. I wear this red suit, the jacket from TJMaxx and the pants from Loft, and you would think I purchased them at the same time, it looks awesome together. Another tip to get the Suited and Booted look, shop around, even at thrift stores. I know thrift stores may not be your thing, but you never know what you'll find. It's some GEMs in thrift stores, do not sleep on them!

Here's a little story: I've been looking for this affordable checkered pant suit for quite some time now, as they are totally in right now, shoot, they really never went out of style, but anyways, I searched many sites, not finding what I envisioned. Until I came upon this suit, when I went on a random thrift store visit one Tuesday afternoon. It was everything I needed and more, the length, pattern, look, everything. The only thing that was not right was the size. Never fear, this is what alterations is for. It is a size 8 and I am a size 4 , but it really fits like a size 6, so I won't have to take much in. Nevertheless, even though it's not the right size, the suit was $12.99, but I got it for half price, making this must have pant suit only $6.99, that's basically free! With the cost of alterations, that suit is way less than what I would pay for a suit from any store I know. See I just put you up on game!

Lastly, if you need a suit for your professional life, try TJMAXX, H&M, and/or Target. If you're looking to invest in a pant suit, try Theory, Lafayette 148, and Elie Tahari which are available at your local Saks Fifth Avenue or Neiman Marcus. For the more fun and flirty, yet sophisticated paint suits, shop Alice and Olivia, Tory Burch, Who What Wear, or a A New Day.

Today's read, find suited and booted looks for any occasion. I am pretty sure you can find one that you'll like and can incorporate in your wardrobe! You won't be disappointed once you find one and rock it!

What's your suited & booted choice?...

Take Aways Message: if you need a piece which is versatile to say the least, a Pant Suit is it! You can take this outfit from day to night, in a snap. Get a pant suit that can do both! One more thing, who does not look good in a suit?

Thank you Pinterest for the awesome images! As always you're the best!

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Until next time lovely people. PEACE!


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