Falling for Florals

Since fall has finally arrived in the South and many other regions, although, the weather still remains up in the air day by day, this fall trends is showing up and out. One pattern that flows so well during this season is Floral. Floral, a pattern that can be worn all year around is no longer synonymous to the spring/summer patterns, colors, and fabrics, rather, Fall Florals embrace the season in every way. Bold blooms, eye/jaw dropping bouquets, dark/rich pigments spread over velvet, sheer, satin and paired with faux leather, denim, blush etc, make floral the IT pattern. Lately, I have been falling for florals and you should too. You can find these pieces below in your favorite place to shop, Zara, Gucci, Target, Tory Burch, Kate Spade, etc. Trust me, you can not go wrong with either piece you choose and you won't have to worry about the piece going out of style any time soon. Plus I must add, that floral can be worn anyway, shoes, scarves, purses, coats, dresses, tights, pants, etc. See below. Today's read, enjoy falling in love with florals, if you have not already.

Have you fell yet, if not here's why you should...

Take Away Message: Get you something that can be worn all year around.

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