Blazers Never Go out of Style

As we are in the first few weeks of Fall, where the air is brisk, leaves change colors, Football season kicks off, Pumpkin spice everything is the craze; you start to bring out those Fall Fashion trends, such as, booties, colorful faux fur, checkered, thigh high boots, more double denim, sterling silver, red, feathers, velvet, faux leather, just to name a few. You cannot begin to talk about fall fashion and not mention the timeless piece, the Blazer. I live in the South and due to global warming/climate change (believe it - it is real), it's hasn't quite approached the season Fall yet. We may be there in November, but unfortunately, October did not make the cut. Nevertheless, even though Fall is not really here in the South, it is else where, so lets talk about how the Blazer, which never goes out of style, can keep you warm and chic during my favorite season of the year. A blazer resembles a suit jacket, but this piece can be worn either casual or formal. Either way it is worn, this comfy piece of clothing was made to be worn outdoors, as the cloth is durable for cooler climate(s). Blazers can be worn several ways, in fact you would be surprised as to all the outfits you can wear with a blazer, making it a very signature piece. Blazers can be worn with pleated skirts, pants, denim, formal gowns, over sweaters, with t-shirts/scarves, over a button down, under a peacoat or jacket, etc.. The list can go on and on. You can never get bored with a blazer of any color, fabric, print, or size. Your options are not few with the Blazer. This is why today's read, will highlight different ways to wear a blazer. As it never gets old and you can flip it and wear it, so many ways. Honestly, you can even wear the same blazer over and over again with a different outfit if wanted to. I'm not going to judge! The world of fashion is yours to take on, so find your lane and make it happen. (My little affirmation for today).

If you're looking for a piece to go out of style, the Blazer is not it. NEXT!

Take Away Message: All I can say, is get you something that does not go out of style. :)

Thanks Pinterest for all the lovely images! Appreciate it!

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Until next time...


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