What Bloggers Should know to be Successful

Blogging is a culture, it’s a way of life, it’s expression, it’s not knowing what to write, yet writing whatever comes to mind, it’s setting free emotions, an avenue for authenticity, transparency, originality, networking, storytelling, creativity, an escape, a love/hate relationship and everything in between. When I first came to Birmingham, I did not expect to meet such great people doing amazing things, which I once only imagined were possible, be their reality, as I just started my blog almost a year ago now.

As a part of the Magic City Fashion Week, Bloggers Night out Part II was held on Monday September 18th (a special day, as it was my Mommy B’s birthday) at the Redmont Hotel Rooftop in Birmingham, AL; and you’ll never guess who the women of the hour were: Javacia of See Jane Write and Curtrice L. Williams, writer of “This Isn’t It: Reviving the Woman Within.” Follow them on Instagram at: @gentlewomenhood and @seejavaciawrite. If you do not know them, google them, they are pretty amazing women, making BOSS moves. RESPECT! Amongst the speakers, were women and men from all walks of life coming together to lend a listening ear, watch the beautiful sunset, drink wine, be merry, network, as well as be apart of something inspirational. I enjoy attending events similar to this one, to hear people’s stories, especially women, black women to be specific, going above and beyond to be who they are, and get what they want. Call me a feminist, but I’m all for it! The two ladies gave their testimonies and awesome tips for beginner bloggers, aspiring bloggers, and those in the game for awhile. As we approached night fall, Q&A came around. Great questions were asked, nonetheless, here are my eight take aways from that night:

  1. Whenever you do not feel like doing anything - ask yourself this: “How do I feel right now and why?”

  2. To stay consistent - write down 10 ideas each day.

  3. To get inspiration - people watch.

  4. Do your research - read more.

  5. Stay relevant - listen to podcast.

  6. Writers block - change scenery.

  7. Get burned out - do something different with your friends (i.e. drinks, try a new cuisine, listen to music, exercise, etc.).

  8. Build Followers - attend events such as Bloggers Night Out in your city or create you own lane.

Take Away Message: It doesn’t matter how many followers you have, if you’ve reached one person, you’ve done your job. So keep doing your thing!

Again shoutout to Magic City Fashion Week for arranging this much needed event. Keep it up, if the city doesn’t appreciate it, I sure do!

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