A Mall Trip turned Expo

Last Friday, I was able to get off earlier than usual, as I worked several hours over that week, which happens quite often, so I decided to go to the mall (Riverchase Galleria - Hoover, AL) to find a cute pant to wear to this event which I have coming up in the near future. Mind you I've haven't been to the mall mid afternoon on a Friday in a long time. What I noticed was a lot more people than I would expect on a Friday during the day, families and individuals at the food court, people in and out of shops, conversations flowing and several people window shopping and browsing to past time. On this particular day it was not just any regular shopping day, rather "The Ultimate Girl's Day Out" hosted by WBRC FOX6 News here in Birmingham. This Women's expo showcased 30+ vendors ranging from house decor (Rebath), health benefits and lifestyle changes ( Alabama Allergy & Asthma Center & Truth About Breast Cancer Comedy Tour), Live Botox, beauty, and much more. Anything which could benefit a women in some way, form, or fashion, this expo highlighted it. While at this expo, you could go around to different vendors to gather information, try/purchase products, network, even play miniature golf. It allowed me to open my mind to different things, as many of the vendors I have not heard of before. try them out and have conversations. Even though I went to mall more focused on one thing, yet I received several things which I can use in my everyday lifestyle and beyond if choose to.

Any time I go to an expo there are typically Four Things which draw me to a particular vendor:

1. Decor - How nice is the table setup.

2. Product - selling or introducing

3. Giveaways (who doesn't like FREE stuff).

4. Vendor which I know nothing about (You never know what you might learn).

On this day at the Women's Expo these are the Top Five Vendors which stood out to me and why:

1. Women's Diagnostic Center - A Breast Center of Excellence: The table decor was so cute, lovely pretty in pink table with goodie bags filled with a calendar and candies to takeaway. Yet to young for a mammogram, but just the right age to learn something new and spread the word to women in the area.

2. SafeHouse - Domestic violence and sexual violence in Shelby county: Although not a victim of any type of violence, I always like to know more information for women who have/are going through this now or in the past, because if I do know someone personally I can recommend this place to seek help or guidance.

3. DoTerra - diffusers, natural oils/aromas: I've been looking to purchase a diffuser for some time now, they had a variety of different ones such as ones to plug up to your bluetooth and play music, diffuser with an alarm clock, travel sized diffuser, even a diffuser pen to keep you awake at work after lunch hour or those boring meetings. Neat Right! They even provide a book of all the different oils and how certain scents can benefit the body and remedy specific ailments such as sore throat or sinuses.

4. Nubian Gods - Like a Lotus Rise Above: Interestedly, I happen to remember this vendor as I went to a Reggae event in Atlanta two weekends past and they were in attendance. My thoughts were, let me purchase something this time., before I approached the table These ladies sold a variety of different goods, afro-centric jewelry, soaps, soy wax candles, clutches, garments, and shoes. I liked several pieces on the table and the young lady makes everything herself. Shout out to her! I love candles, so of course I had to purchase one, which is burning while I type this, it smells awesome!

5. Pure Romance - empower, educate, and entertain while selling various products to pleasure men and women's bodies, desires, and relationships. Everyone needs a little spice in their life and these products offer an array of different things such as sex toys, lubricants, body sprays/oils, lingerie, lotions and perfumes. I also learned from talking with the brand ambassador that you can host parties for you and your friends, which I got a kick out of, as I thought it's a great idea for a Girl's Night, which if you know me you know I love hosting Girl's Nights. This may be something which I take advantage of in the future.

At the end of this mall trip which turned EXPO, needless to say I did not find the pants I was looking for but I did leave the mall with several goodies and knowledge which I will use for myself and to enlighten others. Thank you to all the vendors and WBRC FOX6 News for putting this event together for women like you and I, to not just shop but to have the Ultimate Girl's Day Out experience.

Take Away Message: Don't be too focused on one thing that you can't take the time out to enjoy other things.

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