You can Leave your Hat

Have you ever asked yourself, "Is there a hat for that?" That meaning an outfit. If you have not, I know I have, especially when I need a haircut, I throw on a hat in a second. Top hats, dad caps, ball caps, snap backs, fedoras, wide brimmed hats, floppy hats, poppy's, head wraps and every HAT in between, hats are not only worn when you have a bad hair day, but are a timeless accessory which provides texture, structure, flare, and drama to a outfit. I of course dig a hat that is different, rather a pop of color, a cool phrase, army fatigue, asymmetric, faux leather, feathers or tie-dye. To be honest, I own four different types of army fatigue hats, IDK, I have a thing for the print. Just like an outfit, a hat showcases your personality and character, for instance, I wear head wraps when I want more flare and volume, which in turns say I can be a little extra and corky at times , which is totally true! Today's read find the hats which you would most likely see me wearing, rather good or bad hair day, rain or shine. There are hats for every season and every season there is hat, so for your next event or better yet on your next day off, make someone say "You Can leave that Hat."

Leave your hat on...

Take Away Message: You know the saying "Hats off to you." LOL

Pinterest, as always thanks for the images.

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