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Happy Sunday Trend(ers)! If you know me, you know my three favorites pieces of fashion are: 1. Shoes, 2. Pants, and 3. Purses. Interestedly, my favs equal the infamous "Rule of Three," rocking three pieces which complement each other to make your outfit stand out. Purses or handbags can take a casual, basic outfit and give it that appeal which turns heads. To all my handbag lovers, semi handbag lovers, and anyone in between, a purse can fit a variety of occasions and are at your disposal for any specific purpose, rather on-the-go, bridal shower, shopping, travel, work, date night, brunch, etc. Regardless of price or size, handbags are classic, fashion-forward, attention grabbers, playful, organized, and forever useful. To all my ladies who admire designer bags from a far, you too will soon be able to rock the next Prada or Gucci bag just as much as the next person, but it does not take a lot of money to rock a statement bag. Today's read find the bags which I adore and also admire from a distance. So ladies, for your next event, which bag will you be rocking? If you ask me, a clutch, satchel or cross-body.

Secure the Handbag...

Take Away Message: No matter the time, place, or event, a handbag it not only used to carry your personal items but yet a conversation starter.

Thank Pinterest for the awesome photos.

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