Where to Shop on a Budget

It's Sunday Trend(ers) and what better way to start the beginning of the week than with a good read. If you're like me, you LOVE to shop, so why not ball on a budget. Also, if you're like me you have designer eyes with intern money; basically your expensive taste does not match your pockets. But guess what, that is OKAY! Fashion can be expressed in any way imaginable, but you do not have to break the bank to be in on all the trends or fashionable. Would I love to be able to wear all the brand names in the fashion world, of course, I would be lying if I said no, but I understand that a brand is a brand, you wear the clothing and the clothes speak on your personality. One of my favorite fashion quotes by Carrie Bradshaw (Sex in City), is "I like to spend my money where I can see it, hanging in my closet." While I may spend money on clothes, sometime too often, I understand that I work with what I have as well as I take a Gucci inspired piece, but purchase it from TJMaxx or Top Shop to get a similar effect. With this being said today's read is highlighting the stores which I generally shop at. People always ask me where I get my clothes from, the short answer is, a little from everywhere, but the longer answer will be expressed in this post today. If you know me, you know I love a great sale, but my mommy always told me "If you find a good piece for a great price, get it." Being the good daughter that I am, I listen and add it to my collection of pieces. See below where to shop on a budget, but remember keep your expensive Tory Burch taste, but know there are alternatives to look chic, savvy, simplistic, bold, comfortable, trendy, and timeless.

Where do I shop - minus the occasional boutiques...

Take Awaye Message: "Dress like you're already famous." In this case dress like you're already famous while on a budget.

Thanks Goggle & Pinterest for the images.

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