Happy Sunday Trend(ers)! Hope you had a wonderful week and even better weekend. Sundays have always been set for relaxation, church (depending on your denomination), events, travel to of from, and lately Sunday Funday! I do not know about you, but I love me a Sunday Funday, especially in the summer, when there is so many things to get into; festivals, concerts, brunch, weddings, cookouts, carnivals, pool parties, farmers markets, food trucks, movie on the lawn, etc. Sundays are the days where you do not want the weekend to end because here comes the treaded Monday, as well as the day where you prepare for the new week. For all these Sunday Funday events why not look good while doing them. Remember my motto: "Clothes are what we wear, why not look good wearing them." Today's read, find one trendy fashionable accessorie which can be paired with several different outfits to give it a flare, chicness, playfulness, and overall summer breezy look. And the fashion trend is...White Tassel Earrings and color of the day Yellow or a variation there of.

Any outfit can be your OOTD, take a pic, and POST...

Enjoy the read

Take Away Message: Challenge yourself to use one piece multiple ways or several different outfits.

Pinterest, as always thank you for the images.

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Until next time...


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