Issa Fancy Pants Report

Pants Up, Pants down! Trend(ers), if you know me you know that I LOVE pants, all colors, shapes, designs, styles, etc. Pants are fly, chic, comfy, sexy, and everything in between. When in doubt, pair pants with the trendy ruffle, off the shoulder, cold shoulder, mesh, denim, graphic tee, cami, crop, or button down. Whatever you choose, the sky is the limit and pants are at your service! Not to forget about any type of accessories as well as shoes: flats, heels, pumps, slides, mules, sneakers, sandals, etc. Today's read, find not just any type of pants, but Fancy pants, pants that catch your eye, make you turn your head, drop your jaw, must haves and all around great pieces of work. Fancy pants can be worn for any occasion, be creative, step out of the box, live a little and mostly have fun. Let your pants be an expression of you. For your next occasion, wear a pant, not a normal pant, a fancy pant to give your outfit that extra flare.

Enjoy the Read...

Take away message: Express yourself the best way you know and pants are your friends.

Thank Pinterest for the awesome images.

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