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BB is Back in full affect Trend(ers)! Before I go into my topic of the day, allow me to explain myself briefly. Sooooooo I took a hiatus from my website/blog, never ceasing movement of my brand but took some time off to get involved in other life events and regroup. With that being said during my break I joined an amazing Sisterhood and sorority which I wish every women could get the chance to obtain, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated. I went out of the country for a second time, which I would love to do more often, as I took an awesome and much needed friend trip to Mexico. Lastly, I became very busy balancing my 9 to 5 (Functional SuccessFactors Consultant), Delta activities/events, submitting NoCompromise Magazine spreads, social media posts (Follow me @callherBB), finding clients, being a girlfriend, sister, daughter, friend, and most of all shopping. Its a must to stay fly on the Go! All the while, taking this break I will like to shoutout my sister as she contributed as much as she could, and for that I appreciate her. She always got me! With all this being said 924 B. Trendy is back excepting clients and moving forward than ever before with weekly blogs as well as other small things to look forward to in the new future. (Be on the look out). Okay, enough chit chat, let's get to the topic of the day, BB's Top 15 Must Haves or Must Wear! Today's read will highlight all things BB, basically what I wear on a constant basis, in my closet already, pieces I adore, or even cant get enough of. Since its summer time, I tried my best to reflect the season. Enjoy!

Be Chic.Be Savvy.Be You


Mesh Tops

Lace up Heels

Denim Overalls


Wide Legged Pant


Yellow Dresses, Dresses in General

Long Floral Sun Dresses

Vibrant Sneakers

Mules...Mules...and more Mules

Distressed Jean

Metallic Heel

Culotte Pant

Pom Poms and Slides

Take Away Message: You never know what life brings, prepare, relax, have fun, learn, forgive, forget, grow, laugh, love, pray, and share.

Thanks to Pinterest for all the Images as always!

Trend(ers), thanks for reading. You're Awesome!


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