Life is Beach

Trend(ers), I am writing you from a beach near you, just kidding, but I surely wish I were, as the climate has decided to change once again and here in the Southeast, it is currently 40 degrees and raining. So let's take ourselves to a brighter, warmer, more soothing place and take our minds aways from work, tasks, and everything in between and lets think Happy thoughts and exude positive vibes. With that being said, today's read brings you various different outfits to wear in the upcoming months, transitioning from spring to summer, to beach a near you. With Spring Break starting this month and summer approaching, you need outfits ideas for days in the sun. Bathing suits, cover-ups, shorts, maxi dresses, sandals, tank tops, hats, beach bags, flip flops, pom-pom dresses, you name it. The beach is a place to let you hair down, have fun, relax, soak up some rays, and most of all be fashionable. So here it goes ladies, travel light, bright, flirty, and most of all have fun. So the next trip to the beach, rather with your ladies, your man, or family, make sure you are prepared as well as I hope you find some inspiration in today's looks.

Life is Beach.....Play in the Sand...Live a Little...

Take Away Message - When its time to let your hair down, DO IT! Life is too short!

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