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Hello Trend(ers)! Vacations, spring breaks, getaways, business trips, traveling abroad, moving, and everything in between all call for some form of transportation, one in particular, Airplanes. As March and April are college/universities spring breaks, as well as families and friends taking personal time for vacations, (taking one myself next week) airport looks are a need to know. Airport wear can be anything from casual, comfortable, tailored, street wear, business attire, etc. Depending on why your traveling, rather business, personal, or other determines the outfit at hand. Trust me, not only is it a hassle to take off shoes and certain items of clothing while going through security at the airport, but to figure out what to wear while on a plane and still staying fashionable and current can be a bit of a struggle. But that's why I'm here! Opt for clothing items that are easy to take off (athleisure wear), layers (bring a light jacket/sweater), walking shoes (differs from person to person), and that one cute/accessible bag. In today's read, find everyday looks that can be worn both on and off the plane, nevertheless, airplane outfits for your next trip.

Sit back, relax, and prepare for take off...

Take Aways Message: When it comes to Airport wear, its what you make it, just remember to dress for your trip itinerary .

Thanks Pinterest for the Awesome Images!

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