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Hello Trend(ers)! If Accessories are your thing, then this read is for you. Accessories can stand alone contribute or even complete an entire outfit. Since the 19th century fashion accessories have taken the world by swarm, as they can be used in two different ways, worn or carried. Fashion accessories include the following: hats, scarves, wallets, clutches, necklaces, umbrellas, sunglasses, head wraps, rings, watches, earrings, etc. As these decorative items are created to supplement outfits, one must know the the must-haves to include in his/her wardrobe as well as when its too much or not enough. The tip is to not overdue it but add enough accessories that complement your outfit and overall style. In today's read, you will view all must-have fashion accessory items for the season and seasons to come. Keep in mind accessories like all fashion trends come back around, but the thing about accessories are they are indeed ageless.

Accessorize your wardrobe in 5...4...3...2...1

Take Away Message: Accessories have no age limit, are endless, memorable, and most of all plethora to choose from.

Thanks always to Pinterest for the awesome images.

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