Feast of Saint V-day Outfits

Happy Valentine's Day Trend(ers)! February 14th is a beautiful, elegant, vibrant, yet dreadful day for people all across the world, depending on situation; but to take the dread out of the situation and make it more alluring, this year if you're spending this annual holiday with a loved one, rather that be girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, sibling, friend, boo, bae, or anything in between, why not look GOOD doing it!

Tip: All my novice and seasoned V-day daters out there spending the night/day out with that special someone, here's FOUR major tips to keep in mind;

1. Dress for the Occassion

2. Be comfortable

3. Don't Overdue it

4. Be Authentic

If you keep these four pointers in mind when picking or shopping for a V-day date night outfit, then you're sure to hit it off, at least in the ball park of fashion anyway. If the date so happens to be a flop, guess what, their Loss! For V-day outfit inspiration for this Tuesday, this read is for you and I hope you enjoy! One last thing to keep in mind before I go, Be Chic, Be Savvy, Be You, and most of all Have Fun!

Happy Valentine's Day Love Birds...

Take Away Message: Any date night can be treated like Valentine's day!

Thanks always for the awesome images Pinterest!

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