Culotte Style

Knickers, Trousers, Pants, Breeches, Shorts, are all names to describe the French word Culotte, meaning the lower half of a thing, or in this case garment. These very comfortable, knee length trousers, cut with very full legs to resemble a skirt has recently transitioned to a closet must-have for the season, or any season that is. This cropped trouser fits for any occasion with several reincarnations in the last years, from velvet, linen, faux leather, denim, and anything in between, even its variety of colors and prints. Pair this pant with heels, flats, sneakers, boots, or any other shoe that comes to mind. Culottes has been severing a plethora of styles since the late Middle Ages, as this piece was originally unisex; dating back to be worn by the late Henry III in the 1500's. With that being said, I am hear to tell you that in the latest century culottes are guaranteed trendy, chic, casual, snug, sexy and most of all timeless. Ladies, if culottes are not in your wardrobe now, the time is now, you'll thank me later. Today's read you'll find a variety of Culotte Style's to be worn on the go, at the office, casually, on a date, out with the girls, and my fave shopping. Enjoy...

Culotte Style's Below...

Take Awaye Message: Ditch the skirt for some Culottes. :)

Thanks always to Pinterest, you are Dope is so many ways!

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