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"Give a girl the right Shoes and she can Conquer the World." And Conquer that WE will do! Who doesn't love shoes and if anybody knows me, Shoes I Adore! A bad or popping shoe can set off or pull together a whole outfit. We have to wear shoes, so why not let them speak for themselves. From heels, pumps, boots, sneakers, loafers, flats, sandals, Shoes come in assortments of styles, colors, prints and fabrics fit for any style clothing. Shoes exude personality, creativity, boldness, sexiness, coyness, playful, chicness and comfortability, even though I believe Heels are not made for feet, but rather to look nice on a shelf in a closet. LOL! Here's a tip for my ladies, if you're afraid to step out of your comfort zone, start by adding a printed shoe (leopard) or bold color shoe like red or even metallic. By doing so, not only will you receive compliments but most of all confidence and STYLE! Today's read brings you Shoe Styles for the colder months, stay tuned for spring/summer shoe wear.

Take a Walk in My Shoes...

Take Away Message: Shoes are your FRIEND! Wear them WELL and PROUDLY!!

Thanks Pinterest for ALL the Pictures as always...

Thanks for reading Trend(ers)...


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