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To all of my Sneaker Heads or for all the ladies who love to be both comfortable and chic, today's looks are for you! Sneakers are undeniably, hands down, one of the must-have items in your wardrobe this season and every season. For all the women worried about pairing sneakers with skirts and/or dresses, guess worry no more, this is a do and total Trend! Take Rihanna's Puma's for instance, these can be paired with anything from a pleated skirt to distressed jeans. This is Street Style at its finest; you can notice these sporty sneaks globally and can pair them with almost anything. Sneakers, kicks, tennis shoes, or whatever you call them, this footwear is made for walking and here to stay. For you next event, outing, errand run, drop the heels and grab the sneakers.

Entering Sneaker Show

Gray Suede Sneaker paired with washed ripped jean, cardigan and tee

Mid-top Nike Sneaker paired with ripped jean, stripped shirt, and black blazer

New Balance multi-colored Sneaker paired with black jean, cardigan, block scarf, and Chanel purse

Silver Metallic Sneaker paired with faux leather pencil skirt, gray sweater, and gray pea coat

All white Adidas Sneaker paired with all gray outfit (skirt, sweater, and scarf)

White Adidas Sneaker paired with pinstripe suit and graphic tee

Steve Madden Faux Fur Sneaker paired with black pant, gray sweater, and camel scarf

Adidas Superstar Sneakers paired with black knee-ripped jeans, black mesh top, and camel brimmed hat

Pink Nike Sneakers paired with white-gray tent tutu skirt, long-sleeve top and accessories

Sneakers x's 2 paired with trend metallic and bomber jacket

All white Sneaker paired with all burgundy suit

Take Away Message: Sneakers are just as cute, chic, trendy, Haute, poppin, and overall must-have(s) just like a pair of Heels.

Thank Pinterest always for their awesome site and Images!!

Thanks for reading Trend(ers)

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