Hottest Trends of 2016

Happy New Year Trend(ers)! As 2016 is behind us, 2017 is welcoming us with open arms. 2017 is yet another year to try, learn, grow, travel, love, laugh, teach, network, play, accomplish, fall on your face, start, build, and most of all Fashion Trends. 2016 brought us yet another awesome year of fashion; trends were at an all time high, and guess what some have made their mark and are here to stay, while others will go in the archive to never return again, as some pieces will even come back around in the near future (just wait for it). Ladies, even though this was so last year, feel free to wear these trends in the New Year (trust its okay). Mix and match, have fun, and most of all be daring with fashion, let each piece speak for itself and strut away! Today's read, you'll find my Top Six 2016 Fashion Trends of 2016 (let's see who made the cut).

Haute Trend 1: Renaissance Woman - Bell Sleeves: this chic, sassy, and timeless piece can be paired with any color-blocked bottom, denim, black, white/creme, and metal. Renaissance Woman also includes: velvet and corsets.

Haute Trend 2: Pinstripe Suiting - In retrospect, this unisex piece is the statement for both men and women's fashion. Worn casual, dressy, professional or comfortable, this sophisticated look gives you just the edge you are going for.

Haute Trend 3: One Shoulder/One-arm Tops - Let's take it back to this 80's power inspired look. This polished & chic piece can be worn year around from bikinis, dresses, gowns, and sweaters.

Haute Trend 4: Metal Detail - Shine Bright, Shine Far! This trend brings out your daring, bold, creative, street, and haute personality and adds that extra flare to any outfit.

Haute Trend 5: Velvet - Rolling in at 5 is the oh so comfy, vibrant, sleek, sexy, warm, and tapered Velvet. In an assortment of colors, this piece can be paired and worn in several different ways such as its compliment Leather.

Haute Trend 6: Cross Body Fur Stoles - This interchangeable stole, as can be worn around both shoulders for warmth, over one shoulder for a delicious pile on, and even around mid-body for sex appeal. Whether faux fur or the real thing, this trend is here to stay!

Take away message: A Trend one year, can become a Trend the next, and just maybe it will hold the title of Timeless, Staple, and/or Statement one day.

Pinterest, Thanks Bunches for the Pics!

Thanks for reading as always Trend(ers)!

Until next time...


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