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Post Christmas Surprise

December 27, 2016

 Sequin LOD: Designer Sequin - Rip the Runway

Sequin LOD: Shimmering Top - Stylin & Profilin  

  Sequin LOD: Sequin Jumpsuit - High Quality Elegance 

 Sequin LOD: Sequin Bomber - Urban Couture 

 Sequin LOD: Ombre Sequin Gown - Elegance at its Finest


 Sequin LOD: Sequin Turtleneck - Causal Chic

 Sequin LOD: Gold Sequin Clutch - Arm Candy

 Sequin LOD: Sporty Sequin - Haute Street Style

 Sequin LOD: Sequin Knee Boot - Imaginable Christian Dior

 Sequin LOD: Sequin Sock - A Little Flare 

 Sequin LOD: Sequin Mesh Dress - Urban Style

Sequin LOD: Sequin Wide Legged Pant - Signature Stance

Sequin LOD: Gold Sequin Dress - Cocktail Sparkle

 Sequin LOD: Sequin Rainbow Cardigan - Vibrant Touch


 Sequin LOD: Sequin Strapless Top - A Hint of Pop

 Sequin LOD: Blue Sequin Pencil Skirt - Textured Embellishment

Sequin LOD: Sequin Skinny Legged Pant - Sophisticated Sugar


Sequin LOD: Yellow Sequin Back-out Dress - Must Have Piece 

SURPRISE!!!!!!! It's a Sequin Affair! This decorative, small, shiny, disk-shaped, sewn on piece is a MUST for the season. As Christmas (or any other holiday celebrated) has past and the New Year is vastly approaching, this then metal, now plastic material comes is a variety of colors and geometrical shapes. Why not bring in the New Year with a bit of sparkle or POP Sugar that is.  The LOD's (Look of the Day) seen above can give you multiple outfits ideas or hints of sequin for that New Year's Eve party or gathering come Friday.  Shine On Ladies, Shine On! You can never go wrong with sequin, it speaks for itself and it says Fashionable with a capital "F."


Take Away Message: If you're looking for daring and elegant, Sequin is your best bet.


Pinterest, forever LOVE! 


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