Holiday Metallics

Metallic Look 1: Cozy White Sweater paired with Silver Metallic Wide Legged Pant. Add a solid bag or color shoe such as red, pink, green, blue, or even a metallic shoe like bronze or silver.

Metallic Look 2: Don't know what to wear, make your signature trench coat a dress for the next holiday party. From silver, gold, and/or bronze, this timeless look will have people turning heads at your next event. Pair this coat with a pointy toed heel, laced heel, sandal heel, popping clutch, and jewelry to pull the outfit together.

Metallic Look 3: Pair two metallic colors to set off your whole look. This sequin sweater dress is a great outfit for the holidays. Cozy yet chic, this look can be worn both casually or a night out on the town. With New Years around the corner, this will be a great look for ladies in the cold states; it will even look great with the latest trend thigh boots.

Metallic Look 4: Did you know this hot trend, Bomber Jacket, can also be worn in metallic. If you didn't, now you know, anything can. This gold metallic jacket takes your casual khaki pant from simple to edgy. It speaks comfy with an attitude!

Metallic Look 5: Still cautious about wearing metallic, here is a simply look that can start you off. Start slow by pairing this mesh metallic shirt with some high waisted pants, jeans, or skirt. This look can be worn casually or at a party for the season.

Metallic Look 6: For all my pant suit lovers, here is a perfect metallic outfit to ditch the dress for the holiday season. This can be worn as seen above or can be paired nicely with a sleeveless turtleneck, crop top, or body suit. To add more flare, add a statement shoe, clutch and accessories to be the talk of the party.

Metallic Look 7: For all my ladies that love to show a little skin, you can wear this look for any black tie holiday event this season. This blue ombre, mermaid like metallic gown allows you to play with metallics in a whole different way. Strut your stuff on the next red carpet event and if your feeling edgy rock different metallics in one.

Metallic Look 7: All metallic outfit too much, play with metallics in shoe wear. Step out in these babies! This Jimmy Choo navy blue metallic pointy toed heel can add that pop of color that you need to make your holiday fit go from dull to "Girl where did you get those shoes from."

Metallic Look 8: Keep it all in the family, color that is! The simplest way to wear metallic is in the same color pattern. Still do not know how to pair metallic with an everyday piece, use this look for starters. For any holiday brunch or dinner party, this is a go to look! This chiffon skirt worn here is one of the latest trends paired with cozy ruffle sweater, white button up shirt, and sequin heel with gold buttons to tie it together.

Metallic Look 9: For all the ladies who are ready to lay it all on the table and take a chance, this look is for you. This brings metallics together in the coolest yet daring way ever. It's perfect, not to harsh just enough metallic, even for beginners.

Shine bright, shine far, with a good sense of style, all Night Long! Instead of glittery, try Metallic; still shimmery with less sparkle yet edgy, timeless, and stylish. Since the holidays are approaching, I challenge you to incorporate Metallic in your next festive event. Glow | Twinkle | Radiant | Dazzle.

Take away message: Step out of your comfort zone, be daring, let the metallic speak for itself, no apologies and lay it all on the table.

Pinterest, you rock, where would I be without you.

Thanks Trend(ers) for reading as always!

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