Rule of Fashion

LBD Look 1 - Mermaid Shaped Laced Dress - Best worn for: weddings, brunch, formal family dinner, office party, & holiday parties.

LBD Look 2 - Knee and Thigh High Boot - Best worn for a night on the town with the ladies, date night, and Christmas/New Year's Party.

LBD Look 3 - Sophisticated Look - Best worn for: Occasion Brunch/Dinner, Wedding Rehearsal, Baby Shower, Church Service, & Holiday Family Party

LBD Look 4 - The "Ugly" Sweater - Best worn for: Christmas themed party, family/friend socials, & shopping.

LBD Look 5 - Cocktail Attire - Best worn for: Cocktail party & office party.

LBD Look 6 - Black Tie - Best worn for: Black Tie Event, New Years Eve Party, & Wedding.

LBD, or what everyone knows it as "The Little Black Dress" has been a Rule of Fashion since the 1920's, with first designs by Coco Chanel and Jean Patou. This staple piece is known to be simplistic, long-lasting, versatile, affordable and accessible in the fashion marketplace. The LBD is one of the Rules of Fashion for a reason, because every women should own this elegant, simple, and timeless piece in their wardrobe.

Take away message - If you're lost as to what to keep and/or have in your wardrobe, start with the essentials such as the LBD. You will not go wrong!

Thanks Pinterest for the Images! :)

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