Faux Leather Meets Velvet

Faux Leather met Velvet once upon a time, not to long ago on a Fall/Winter Season photoshoot in the park. Ladies you can never go wrong with mixing the two. The two TOTALLY compliment each other, well! Faux leather is a very fashion forward approach which allows for more freedom in terms of textures and patterns, as it is a synthetic material that can be a rainbow of colors as is it chemically treated. Here's a little nugget to bring up in conversation, synthetic or "faux" leather is simply the leather method of production, which does not require a composite leather blend or coated raw-tanned cowhide grains and/or fibrous layers. As faux leather or what many people know it as, p leather, is man made, therefore, you can get this look for an affordable price. Any type of leather this season is a MUST, so the time is NOW to purchase this staple piece. Then there is Velvet, which is a type of woven tufted fabric in which the cut threads a evenly distributed. This smooth pile, is what gives velvet its distinctive, soft, smooth appearance and feel. With velvet's high cost of production, this go-to piece can be found in a range of prices. Many designers love velvet, check out Prada, Gucci, and/or H&M to name a few for velvet clothing, shoes and accessories. Even the hottest celebrities can be found wearing both Velvet and Leather this season. Okay Ladies, next time you go shopping, make sure you grab something velvet and leather that can worn as an standalone piece or paired. Trust me, you are bound to receive a compliment, and who doesn't like compliments.

To get the look seen above: Black Top Hat (H&M); Black Faux Leather Dress (Zara); Floral Peeped-Toed Bootie (Steve Madden); & Olive Green Satchel (Romwe).

Take away message: Do not be afraid to mix and match. Most of all have fun with your clothing and always add your own flare.

Big Shoutout to my photographer: Belema (Mark) Abre. Check him out on IG @markmyprogress

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