Wrap it Up

Casual Wrap - Going shopping, chilling with friends, running errands, or class, this style wrap can add flare to a basic outfit. Next time you're thinking basic, throw a wrap on or any vibrant scarf with your favorite sneakers, t-shirt, and youthful sunglasses to spice it up.

Vintage Wrap - Who said a head wrap cant be cute and replace your regular beanie, not I. To add a little embellishment on top of keeping warm to your fall/winter outfit, add this head wrap with added gold accessory for a vintage look.

Cozy Wrap - Bandana's can be worn many ways, dress it up as a head wrap next time. This style wrap is best worn with jeans, skirt, faux leather, XL sweater (like seen in this image), button down shirt, and your favorite blouse or basic.

Chic Wrap - Let's channel miss June Ambrose in this chic black head wrap paired with sequin skirt, faux fur scarf, waist belt and black cardigan. Fall/winter is the place for layers, so next time add this basic head wrap for top appeal.

Edgy Wrap - Knot it up with this all white outfit with black & gold waist belt paired with checker print head wrap. Black & white is a trend all year around. Give your fit a little edge with added head accessory, bracelets, pointy toe shoes, & sunglasses.

A wrapped head is a warm head! Next time you want to give your outfit some pop, jazz it up, flare or whatever you want to say, Wrap it up! Head wraps are easy, fun, youthful, creative, funky, & playful as well as you can even DIY. This fall/winter I challenge my ladies to use your scarves in your closet and have fun with it.

Take away message: Scarves aren't solely neck wear, be creative!

Thank Pinterest for the images. They ROCK!

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