When I fell in love...

I can remember it like yesterday, I was around eight years of age, receiving this green and white Mead composition notebook; the notebook that you always get for the first day of school or week for some people, from my grandmother. This notebook was given to me initially to write songs, as I had a passion for music, and aspired to become a writer. Excited at the moment, I went to work on the start of my music career, well at least what I thought was the beginning. I realized writing songs was a bit of hard work, especially being eight years old, so in the meantime I would gaze fashion magazines, watch music videos when I could, and look at the latest awards ceremony with my parents for inspiration. As all these different avenues brought me various vibes for writing, the biggest thing that stood out to me then as well as now was not just the music itself, but the fashion. From here I went back to work, splitting my energy in writing haikus and taking a stab at designing clothes, specifically gowns. Gowns, you might ask, the inspiration I gathered from red carpets. Gowns are elegant, they exhibit various patterns, flow, maturity, sexiness, coyness, and are overall timeless. This one notebook was the beginning of a love that never died.

As an adult now, I love music and fashion just as much, if not more today. Fashion to me is defined as effortless and I love how one person can express how they feel through the usage of clothing. Interestedly, when people view people, they view the whole package, which includes clothing. Ultimately fashion just makes sense! When I look at a piece of clothing, not only am I looking at how I can pair this piece with another, but patterns, quality, labels, flow, feel, color, texture and overall look. Fashion is Devils Meets Prada, runways, Fashion Week, red carpets, commercials, events, award shows, concerts, to name a few. Fashion allows you to be daring or whatever adjective or mood you'd like to be on a given day. The best thing about fashion is it evolves yet repeats it, so if you miss a trend a decade ago, needless to say it will probably roll back around in your lifetime. With fashion being so broad, a person interested can start any where in the field and easily find a topic of interest. Fashion is what I think about daily, so if you take it anything from me today, remember, "Clothes are what you wear daily, so why not look good wearing them."

The day I found music and fashion is the day I started the journey of finding myself. Through this blog I hope to create the admiration that I endure for clothing to every women that still searches for her IT STYLE. I a firm believer of self expression and they best way to do that, other than through your words is through your style. I say be playful, experiment, be trendy, and most of all, Be Yourself.

This is my love letter to fashion, thank you for allowing me to find a part of me that continues to grow and flourish. May Fashion continue to keep people warm, chic, trendy, elegant, timeless, comfortable, stunning, stylish, edgy, and vibrant. When I fell in love with Fashion, I found a new avenue for self expression, and for this I Thank You.


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