Denim Love

Raw Hem - Fringed or Jagged. This trendy piece turned staple piece screams classic, chic, & mature style. This denim look can be paired with booties, pumps, blazer, pea coat, & bell sleeved blouse to give off that 90's inspired look, Life!

Patchwork/Embroidery - I can admit, this might be to busy for some, but this is just right for me! I can admire the creativity of patchwork jeans, as you can make any pair of denim your very own. This playful, creative, & youthful look can be paired with loafers, platforms, sneakers, booties, leather, jeans, & plaid to name a few. Allow patchwork/embroidery can be a bit busy, pair it with pieces that are more solid such as a solid color or fabric.

Two tone - Deemed the IT Jean to try out this year! This denim look is forward enough that it does not do too much. Perfect for all shapes and sizes to try and incorporate into their wardrobe year around.

Wide legged - It's Groovy baby! Disco balls and afros! This 70's inspired look has surpassed trend and can say hello to timeless. You can add a flare to your current wardrobe with this denim look as it mixes up things from the typical go to style, skinny jean. This style is flirty, sassy, and funky, if you can dig it!

Who does not love denim, it is the easiest piece to pair with any style of clothing. If you're the person who is stuck in one style of denim, now you have several options to switch up the style for seasons to come. My challenge to you is: try incorporating one of these denim looks in your wardrobe and/or DIY your old denim into a new fall denim trend.

Take away message: Denim can be worn many ways, you just have to be willing to Try it out!

Thank Pinterest for all the images, They ROCK!

Stay tuned for next weeks fashion trend post....

Thanks for reading Trend(ers)


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