Kid n Play

Flannel - this soft woven fabric is great for those fall/winter days & nights. Flannel can be worn:


Night out with the Girls

Date Night


Holiday Party

Mom Jeans - Yeah I said it "Mom Jeans." Honestly, that's what their called. Mom jeans are great for all shapes and sizes, specifically women with more curvy shapes. It accentuates the assets.

Berry Lips - Great look for all hues. Perfect color for the fall & winter seasons. Pair this lip color with colors such as:


Olive Green




Choker Necklace - It's back like it never left! With all styles and colors, this chic neck piece adds a flare to any outfit. Guess what, you can even make your own; DIY in full effect!

Platforms - Even though this punkish style shoe first set the scene in the 70's, the 90's is where they made their comeback and now you can see style shoe in a store near you. From a low to super high platform, these shoes are here to stay for awhile. This trend gives height to shorter women as well as length to taller women.

Next time you look in your closet and say "that's so 90's," take a step a back and realize 90's have made a comeback! These 90's Fashion Trends are here to stay for a while. A 90's born kid myself (91'), I can appreciate these styles more now with a new twist.

Take away Message: Fashion is forever repeating itself. So the moment you think it's out of style, it just might be, but in due time it will roll back around. - Take my word for it :)

Thank Pinterest for the images, their AWESOME SAUCE!

Until next time my Trend(ers).


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