Let's Take it to the STREETZ

New York Fashion Week: September 7 - 15, 2016

"When I saw her walking down the street" - Lidell Townsell (Nu) (Nu). This quote speaks volumes for the style that was captured during this years fashion week in the most populous and desired city in the U.S, New York. Anybody that is Somebody is at New York Fashion Week! Be there or Be Square! Eight days full of the hottest fashion (trends and statements), designers, venues, press, parties, models, etc. to shine light on beautiful, exotic, courageous, bold, colorful, and simplistic pieces which stand in a lane of their own, TIMELESS!

Street style exudes SELF Expression. Actually it's one of my favorite styles, as it embodies and screams Culture. The Blending of cultures if you will!

Let's get a sneak peak and see what all the fuss is about in these STREETZ (Trends and Statements from NYFW):

Off the Shoulder Blouse; Bell Sleeves; Co-ord Sets; Sock Boot

Bold Block Heeled Sandal; Textured-Leather Shoulder Bag

Vibrant Bucket Bag; Low Block Wrap Strap Heel; Waist Belt; Jackets/Robes Made Dresses

Nightwear (Silk) made Edgy; Tank Dress over T-shirts; Bold Wide Legged Pant

Futuristic Shoulder Pads Co-ord Set

Mule Shoe; Mom Jeans

Now that you know what all the talk it about, Next time you are walking the STREETZ, you will be POPPIN!

Thanks In Advance. XOXO

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