Price: $50 per Hour

Want to know about Fashion? | Brief Consultation | Need Help Finding Outfit(s) for an upcoming event? 

Price: $150 for 3.0 Hours

Must Have Pieces for any Fashionista's Wardrobe:

  1. Wardrobe Auditing & Organizing 

  2. Go through wardrobe to showcase pieces in closet 

  3. Get in on the latest, hottest, & dope Trends 

  4. Get rid of clothing no longer wear, too big, etc. 

Motto: "If you don't know, it got to go!"

Price: $350 for 8.0 Hours

All Day Service: 

  1. Sort through your Closet

  2. Find New Styles 

  3. Shop for New outfits (4 - 5 Outfits Depending on Budget)

Price: $375 for 4.0-5.0 Hours

Total Package: 

  1. Shop ALL New Look(s)

  2. Make-up Consultation/Style 

Price: $110 for 1.5 Hours

Show Me How / Look Book Class

Be Chic | Be Savvy | Be YOU