The question above is for anyone, specifically our youth, who have been bullied, laughed at, questioned, overshadowed, etc., about not being cool enough, smart enough, TRENDY enough, and/or rich enough because of their choice in clothing. To take this one step further, everyone has that one person or persons that question why they are trying to fulfill a particular thing or act on a certain manner such as; "Why do you want to be a teacher, there is very little money in that," or "Why do you wear your hair like that." The question, WHY NOT is the movement for every person who never had the courage to stand up and say these meaningful two words.  The time is now to stand up, be brave, get out of your lane and explore the many possibilites that await YOU, in this lifetime. The goal of this message is to get people to never overlook their dreams because of what someone else thinks, says, or feels, and to start listening to what feels like the truth to you. Step up and into YOURSELF! So next time someone questions your actions, kindly respond, "WHY NOT!"



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