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Cake, Cake, Cake, Cake! "Let's make everyday her birthday!" Hence 9.24. Meet Brittany Boykin also known as BB. Her creative, vibrant, sweet, magical, caring, silly, and determined spirit are parallel to her one passion, Fashion. A Georgia Peach by the way of Atlanta, Ga, she is the embodiment of Style! Fashion is a popular style or practice, expressed by personality, confidence, love, integrity, sexiness, charisma, poise, playfulness, and audacious attitude. The biggest void when it comes to fashion, is assurance; why must people not let the energy from with in exude outward by the expression of clothing. Too often do people, mostly my Ladies, feel down about themselves because of their appearance, resulting in esteem issues, insecurities, and not the best outfits.

Fashion to BB can be defined as CONFIDENCE & SELF EXPRESSION! She is driven to make people understand who they are and what works best for them through the usage of clothing. She strives for people to love clothing just as much as she does with her comfy, tacky, daring, tapered, affordable and chic look. BB is a firm believer, whatever you are going through in your daily lives, putting on a BOMB outfit, whether it be comfy, urban, stylish, bohemian, puckish, voguish, or anything in between, hanging out with your girls or man, will make you feel relieved and forget about any issues at hand. BB believes that every person has style, simply by being YOURSELF, you just need someone to enhance and coordinate it. Let's Embrace it.Love it.Feel it. Together!


P.S. "It's Not Even My Birthday" -Rihanna

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"Clothes are what WE wear everyday, so WHY NOT look good wearing them..."




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